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    Expert Electrical

    Our expert electricians are fully qualified, so you can be sure that
    your repairs will be carried out by professionals.

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    Expert Plumbing

    Our expert plumbers are fully qualified & equiped, so you can be sure that
    your plumbing will be carried out by professionals of our team.

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    SA electricians appliances services gaurentee quality on all appliance repairs
    quality and service you can depend on. "The best place to take your leaks."

Why Choose Us

Available electricians operate on a all hour free quotes and no call out fee basis to ensure that you get the best service in the area. Our electricians are fully qualified and fully equipped to handle all your domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installation and repair needs. Our electricians are fully certified to also issue you with a Certificate of Compliance. Using only the latest technologies enable us to detect and repair electrical faults in record time. This means that we are saving time for both you and us. It is this time saving component that makes our fees affordable and competitive in the market place. Due to the fact that our electricians mainly stay in the area and thus can be at your doorstep in no time. Due to the fact that we only use the upper crust electricians we experience less come backs and thus our time is not wasted in jobs that needs to be redone. Obviously also saving you time and aggravations. Focusing on the job on hand we also analyze your complete electrical installation thus ensuring that your electrical systems are always kept up to standards. Thus, you are ensured of less electrical problems that might escalate in cost. Our back-end staff are the highest trained personnel ready to assist with your electrical emergency any time of the day or night. Our back-end staff will stay in constant communication with you until the job is done. This means that they will assist you on all matters and queries regarding the electrical fault you experience and will orchestrate the whole repair withy the electrician at your premises. Please feel free to contact us for all your electrical needs and requirements any time.

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